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Rogue One was an Amazing Star Wars film. It was much better than the Star Wars prequels. This was so cool. Everyone of the characters was amazing as far as the comedic chemistry compared to that of the original trilogy.

This film explains why never saw these characters in the prequels or the original trilogy.

I loved the CGI and incorporation of look or the original trilogy. I thought that the look of the motion capture Grand Mof Tarkin, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, some rebel pilots from the pilot of the Battle of Yavin IV. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that the voice for Grand Moff Tarkin.

This movie had me invested in the characters more so than I felt like in Force Awakens. This film provided me enough to enjoy the characters more.

I like that film expanded the Star Wars universe by creatures, world.

This film showed world as we have never seen it before. It expanded the world and provided different camera angles as never seen before going inbetween ships.

I did not like the fact that there was no opening crawl to the film. That would have helped the film provide exposition and context to what this film was and when it was being set in.

This was a great prequel to lead up to A New Hope. It has amazing space battles and land battles.

What bothered me was that we never saw an explanation of what lead up to a New Hope.

What upset me was personally even though the music sounded look it belonged in that world there was no new distinguishing themes from Michael Giacchino for Rogue One.

I was really surprised that none of the new characters were able to survive to the end of the film but because of that it helps us appreciate the risk of the Rebellion more what it took to get the plans to the Death Star.

This also is a great film that shows how well Rogue One fits into the exposition provided with the opening crawl to A New Hope.

I was glad we saw and heard from C3P-O and saw R2-D2. I wish we saw more. I thought it was cool we saw the criminals who got sliced up in Mos Esley space port trying to make further trouble by Obi-Wan Kenobi. I was not counting on it. It expanded their role to show they were in more than just one planet or movie.

I was also glad that we heard about the significance of the Senate and we saw in a flashback a little of Couresant.

This film did not rely too heavily on the previous material in order to tell the story but was hinted to ever so slightly.

This felt like a Star Wars film like prequels never did. It did not rely too heavily on CGI to tell the story. It had a good balance of practical effects, special effects, CGI, motion capture technology, and other Technics in order to tell a story.

This is the Star Wars film we deserved instead of Force Awakens or the Prequels. It has practical effects, a story and characters to invest in, It expanded the world rather than condense it. It used CGI only when necessary.

This film visited far more worlds than seen in any other Star Wars film up to this point in one film. This was the first film where we actually saw worlds that were being suppressed by the Empire rather than just entered the area. This film provided context to why the Empire was such bad guys.

This film also helps to make Grand Mof Tarkin more terrifying than we have ever explored before.

What got me about this film was how well ships like the star destoyers looked like models in this film instead of CGI.

This film helped to expand the Jedi and force lore to show that there were others trying to protect the existence of Jedi temples, what was left of the beliefs, the history behind the Jedi after Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

This film showed us things as never seen before, larger rebel Space battles than seen in Return of the Jedi, tropical battles, the Death Star demolitioning entire cities instead of entire planets.

This film brought back the random elements to bring believable world as not seen in Force Awakens.

This film was well directed and incorporated just enough elements of the other films while providing great stories.

This film actually helps provide better context to those talking scenes that always seemed boring in A New Hope.

One thing that bothered me a little was that during speaking scenes there was not enough computer ambient noises to give that real world feel. Especially when it was room in the other films we know that those sounds should have been there but we did not have playing.

What I found interesting about this film was that this film the Rebel Alliance almost functioned like the Republic council where it required all parts of the Rebellion to be united on a choice rather than being more united on it's choices.

I found that aspect interesting. I also never realized that the Rebellion was made up of separate parts united as one which kind of expands the Rebellion into different groups which we may have never been explored before. That may explain why it took 10 years before the Rebellion had a major successful battle against the Empire was because they Were not united on their decisions. This film gives the impression that the Rebellion fought the Empire not unlike The Americans against Great Britain in the American Revolution with mostly defeats to win against the British.

I was really happily surprised to see a light saber fight by Vader like we have never seen before. This film gave us something we have never seen in a Vader fight in a Star Wars film only in Video game form. The same can be said for Yavin IV Rebel base. This film showed a much larger base inside and outside than has been seen on screen of that base. Only in video games have we seen the Yavin IV base look like the representation seen in Rogue One.
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