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Patriots Day 2017

I thought this film did a good job paying respect to those in Boston. I thought that this film put a positive light on the community of Boston for the most part.

This may not be a film for everyone. The F word is thrown out there a lot in the film, there are drugs and alcohol seen in the film as well as some graphic and violent scenes. It is an educational and enlightening film if you are not completely aware of everything which occurred at the marathon or following the marathon trying to capture the bombers.

I loved the end credits dedication to everyone who's story was being depicted in this film.

It was an enlightening film. It depicted the investigation and process very well.

I wish that the F word was dropped as often in this film.

It was filmed like a documentary; especially when it came to how the marathon was shot. I appreciated the real footage. You could distinguish when real footage was used because it tended to be the worst quality footage.

I did not know about the ITT Tech students hacking car or the shooting.

I did not know about the story of the bombers at all or the major shooting after the Marathon. I was not aware of the lock down of Boston.

This film was enlightening seeing the Investigation process of all the items put together for the investigation of the bombing.
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GracefulNightingale Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
As a former Bostonian, reading this actually makes me incredibly happy.   I know that not a lot of people knew what a scare the Boston Marathon Bombings were, and I felt that this film portrayed those emotions very very well.  :heart:   I personally cannot possibly testify enough for how scary it was, knowing that I may have had family that could have been injured in the bombings.  It's gritty, and its rough.   But my city pulled together during that time and really did all that they could to help those who were injured, and to help in the manhunt.   I was so ELATED to see one of my Hollywood heroes, Mark Wahlburg (another fellow Bostonian) play in this movie as well.  :heart:   


That all being said, I'm so happy that you enjoyed watching this movie, and that you got so much out of it!   I can't speak for many people who would have taken the time to learn about the specifics of that horrible day, and about the impacts that the bombings had on the Boston community.  
JoshuaOrro Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
It was really Historical ......

BTW my friend Anastasia Amirova was in Boston during April 2013 on an Educational trip .... luckily she wasn't at the marathon  
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