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Frenchman's Creek (1944)


A very idealized fantasy told tale of an unrealistic interpretation of French pirates in the 1600's.


The criminals are looked upon as romantics and good guys rather than crooks or villains.


This is a film that tells the story mostly from the females point of view. It is mostly told on the home front of England with a little bit in the French pirate ship. Maybe 1/3 of the film show pirate perspective. This film mostly focuses on the wealthy Noble class and the romance between a married woman who already has a child seeking adventure and a pirate captain who likes a woman who obviously is not satisfied with her lifestyle.


This film does not have much action and the pirates just steal and fight people. Often you never see too many killed. Often they are captured, tied up, just to be released again. Maybe two people do you see get killed during the whole film.


This is not a very remarkable film. It does not stand out all that much.

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