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This 2016 presidential election was very close. So has the last several Presidential elections. What does this show me in how much of a difference large cities make compared to the suburbs.

Well personally I live in the suburbs of Northern Florida. It is very much a pro Republican community filled with retired people, and military personnel because it is surrounded by several Navy military bases north and south of where I live. It is also very active in church communities.

For some reason the media hardly covered in the 2016 election how much of an influence Religious moral ideologies contributed to the election but it is probably because it is not something that is recorded during an election. When you consider Religion then you find out how much of the ideologies of Hillary Clinton went against Biblical standards. Also in the mid west The Native American religious and resources issues were ignored by the Democratic party concerning the #DakotaAccessPipline with the destruction of barrel sites and water resources. Then you have The Clinton's past of corrupt sex life and email issues. Hillary supports gay rights and  Where as Trump is pro military, guns, pro Israel. Trumps economical plan of reducing taxes and bringing back business that went overseas makes much more sense compared to Hillary who has an exiting tax that works in the short term and more taxing for medical. Right now the middle class can not afford the medical care and it is a very inefficient system that makes very little sense as far as what is covered by insurance. Older people have trouble paying and affording medical concerns that are super expensive under the government laws and are not realistic. You have to pick what you can afford rather than getting all what you need. I think under Hillary it would be a continuation of the Obama Administration which is not feasible of higher taxes and less products. Suburbs believe that cities are far too dependent of Big government to solve problems rather than rely on other resources. Democratic Keynesian policies of spending and taxing outrageous rates makes no sense. Republican Laz-a-fair policies of less regulations and less government taxes makes more sense in economics. In the US this election it shows me that cities voted the worldly way concerned about racial equality, feminism, and not issues I feel are all that important. Where as the suburbs often voted the based upon the Biblical way. What does this mean?

I am less concerned by winning the presidential race of 2016 as much as I am concerned by the drastic split in this nations moral and Religious ideology. The cities with major populations can be a major influence compared to suburbs. However when suburbs are united and come in in force and see their existence in danger then they can come in full force. 

I am not saying that Trump will be great as a president but he appears to be honest about his opinions rather than saying things that don't really answer the questions that are being asked. I think that he will strengthen the military even though it may cause more fights. I think that the government system will be made more efficient than it is now because he has the experience of running business. Trump knows what to do right to run a business based upon how he runs business and knows what not to do to run a business based upon his failures. Trump has invested and lost a lot of money in the national debt and I think he could make it so the U.S. Dollar is worth more. Make America more about making products verses focusing so much upon services that could be obsolete as quick as computer programs. 
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somedudefromEARTH Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree that a Hillary presidency would have been disastrous. Not saying Trump is perfect, but he is more realistic and his views reflect upon the silent majority. What makes me frustrated is that people wanted Hillary because she is a woman, and they don't realize that that is the definition of sexism, whereas it favors females over males and completely ignores the content of character.

We don't know what will happen, but the thing is that we knew what would happen if Hillary got in. She supports radical groups like BLM and receives money from the Saudi royalty, whose country is infamous for human rights violations (stoning of woman, killing apostates, and throwing gays and lesbians off of rooftops). She was with them, not us.

I think this is a lesson for America that we cannot let physical traits blind us to character. That was Martin Luther King's message, and I hold his Dream dear to this day. The way I see it the glass ceiling was broken long ago through Equality of Opportunity. Sure, we can have a female president, but we must judge her by her policies and mindset rather than her sex.
ENT2PRI9SE Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks. Actually I was not aware of some of those details as far as who Hillary supports. It does not surprise me but it does have me more upset and glad that Hillary did not win the election. 
somedudefromEARTH Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me as well. I'm still upset by all of this even though I'm glad he won. Its far from over, but it is the start of picking up the pieces and rebuilding our culture and country.
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