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The Lost World (1925) #Silent_Film 

I thought the choice of actors and acting was very good in this film.

The dialog time for slides was just enough time to be able to read.

The sets were pretty good considering when the film was made.

Monkey named Jocko is brought along with the expedition to the Amazon because he knows which berries and are edible and poisonous in the Jungle. Really we are going to trust the monkey taste for the humans? 

The visual graphics for the map and ship to England to Amazon was cheesy. It is the precursor to the map sequences seen in Indiana Jones.

I liked the stop motion animation even if it was inaccurate to how we know now how #Dinosaurs looked or moved.

However this movie was just too long for my taste. It look too long before we saw the dinosaurs in the movie. It took almost 30 minutes before we saw any #creatures. It is also a long movie considering that it is a silent film where it is 1 hour and 32 minutes long.

I thought that the romance in the film felt like a random side story compared to what else was going on during the film.

I liked the action and loved seeing the #Brontosaurus roaming around in London and crushing buildings.

I do have issues with the guy in a guerrilla or caveman costume in this film who is trying to sabotage the exploration trip. It is way too obvious that it is a man in a suit. 

#TheLostWorld #FilmReview #SilentFilm #The_Lost_World
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I had a very frightening #dream around 4-6:00 A.M. On February 8, 2017. I only know this because I took a restroom break around a few minutes before 4:00 A.M..

In my dream I was being the photographer taking photos of someone. I was with a bunch of kids. I tried messing up another photographers pictures by sticking out my tong and stuff in a photo. We are getting ready to take a picture for something to get signed over in a contract. I ask with another person before they sign something if we can get a picture with a girl who was signing over to take a photo over a restaurant sign or sign of the business they were signing over before the sun light is completely gone before the sun sets.  Then before we with several photographers can take that photo something happens.

Multiple booms occur from around a Navy base we are located at.  At least I think it is a Navy base. You see explosions occur from around the lake and inland too. There are at least 10 or more explosion pops that occur one right after another. Then the power for the whole area goes out in after two or three explosions and multiple fire trucks start coming out shortly after like crazy start going out. I don't think I have ever seen so many fire trucks come out from all over the place at one time with so many sirens being heard at once. The explosions are followed by fireworks or sparks from the locations of the explorations. Then big balls of fire that come out of the origins of the explosions. I realize then that I am along with a group of little kids because they all get excited about what they just saw saying how cool was that to their friends and parents. Meanwhile all the adults are majorly concerned thinking it was a major sign of terrorism.

Bill quickly leaves in his squad car. For some reason he was there at this event in police uniform with his police car.

This event looked like it occurred around dinner time-8:00 P.M. Based upon the darkness and the way the sky looked from the smoke in the sky after the explosions. It was shortly after sunset because they're was not much light left from the sun colors once the explosions occurred.

Then I look out over the lake and other directions inland to see what I could see from the explosions.

It was very scary. It was almost like it was an event that is to happen soon in the future.
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The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

The movie was great at the beginning. The film starts of with an adrenaline rush of laughter but half way through the film and it was just went too much. The film went all big showed all it's cards at the beginning so much so that there were no further surprises after the first 30 minutes of the film so anything else that comes after the first thirty minutes is no longer a surprise.

I though that this film did a great job understanding the genre of Batman but after a particular point it just came too much. It went too quick to go too far as far as the jokes. The film did not know where to stop. The end resolution was ridiculous.

I enjoyed & liked the fact that this film at least understood the Batman genre. It was obvious that a lot of research and fandom went into this film as far as the story, the characters, incorporated obscure villains, the obscure details from the previous reiterations, even up to the film score that incorporated elements and ques from the previous reiterations of Batman. Especially in the track "Battle Royale" done by Lorne Balfe. Great film score as well as the other songs in this film soundtrack. 

I enjoyed the fact that this film was able to incorporate obscure villains and references of the previous Batman reiterations.

The depiction of the action was extraordinary.

I was disappointed by how little there was so little of the Justice League. I did want to see more than just a party scene. I wanted to see more interaction.

This one did more psychoanalyze Batman/Bruce Wayne family issues.

This film went from high energy to a sudden dip because went so high. It was like the film started off with someone drinking a energy drink like Hammy in the Over the Hedge film but then eventually after you have a party the audience is like okay we have heard that. We went so high that there was no where else to go but down.

This film had far too many jokes and gets exhausting and too much. I think it would have been better if there were a little more serious issues intermixed to the laughter to keep it focused.

I wish that this film worked more on the other villains besides the Joker. This film had so many villains but not enough to get you invested in the other villains besides The Joker.

This film did draw on too long on too much drawings.

There may have been just a touch too much talking roles by Batman.

I wish we saw a little more of Bruce Wayne and less of Batman. This film had plenty of Batman and not enough focus on the villains. 

This film understands his distance he tries to get from the rest of society so he does not emotionally invested in other people.

Those who suffer from ADHD, are not big fans of Lego or Batman may not be a fan of this film because they will not understand the references.
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Foreign Corespondent (1940) This is a spoiler filled review in case you have not seen the film.

Alfred HitchCock film 2nd American film after Rebecca

The film is Set during 1939. 

This film uses some interesting camera angles especially in the wind mill.

I found it interesting how the film started off with a globe and then after the credits zooms out to find the rotating globe is a skyscraper like seen for Superman.

Boss from the New York Globe seeks fresh eyes and Does not want a foreign correspondent of economist but wants news to see where Europe stands on facts rather than wait on news.

Starts in United States where a journalist is sent to Europe England in order to acquire news for New York Globe News paper to learn and send information about what is going on in Europe to determine if war is eminent or if peace could come soon.

Then they go to Holland in the rain and bicycles.

While taking a photo acting like a corespondent someone shoots the mayor Mr. Van Meer important in the midst of a crowd in the rain in Holland.

The New York corespondent goes after the camera assign in car motorcycle chase.

Disappears by windmills Amsterdam in middle of nowhere.

wind mill rotates in the opposite direction against wind to signal plane to land.

The real mayor Van Meer is hid in a hide out in a windmill sounded by other windmills. The mayor was not shot but a substitute and will be taken by plan but want world to think he was shot.

After Globe New York Corespondent gets authorities be finds windmill is empty except one man who claims he has been sleeping there the entire day but is lying.

Later that night two police officers arrive and yet they are not police but claim to be. They cut the phone lines.

A guy try's to push Ne York Foreign correspondent into driving truck to murder him but he moves out of the way. 

Go up church cathedral tower to purposely try to kill foreign New York corespondent.

He tries to kill him when corespondent moves aside.

What I found odd about this film was that this film ended in the midst of a radio broadcast that is in the middle of a German Air-raid of England. His desire & dedication to keep broadcasting as long as possible even in the midst of an air raid to get news to the United States. You have to remember that this film came out in 1940 during the Battle of Britain with German air raids. At the point when this film came out a clear resolution to the war or what would happen was not clearly evident from with side. This film serves as a U.S. propaganda film to see what America could do to support the war in Europe.
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#Batman Return Of The Caped Crusaders (2016) Film Review

If you enjoy the 1965 Adam West Batman then you will enjoy this film. 

I love how this renders the city of #Gothom City, The Batmobile, the humor of the 1965 Batman, The #Batcave, and expands what we know from the show. It even makes the #Batmobile larger than we saw in the show. This film was able to capture the feel and cheesiness of the original show. You can see that even by the cross walk scene. This film even is able to go the extra steps of capturing the qualities you enjoyed from the original show. There is even a point where you see all three Catwomen from the show visualized in this film for a brief moment. This film also is able to go steps further as far as story, ships, the city and able to expand on it further than the show was capable of doing with the budget that was available in the 1960's. 

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The Space Between Us (2017)

The best parts about this film are the landscapes and the music from the film score and songs.

However the story itself was on the weak side. It also was a bit boring. Some things did not always make sense from the characters as far as how they reacted to things or towards others or went about doing things.

I had an issue with the fact some things as far as technology looked advanced where as other things like some of the computers, stores like Sams Club, the cars looked very much like now even though this film took place now.

I felt like I was unsatisfied by the story because the resolution to the characters felt incomplete and felt like not much was resolved because most of the characters are left unsatisfied and back to where the story ended up in the first place. It makes you wonder what was the point of the story if everyone is just going to end up back where they started off before where the characters started off in the first place. The characters really did not get to expand and resolve what were the issues we all cared about or creating relationships just to remain separated. I also did not feel like the family relationships were not strong enough in this film. Many of them felt unemotional and relied far too much on the scientific and political concerns and not nearly enough focus on the emotional family portion to get the audience invested in the story.

I also was not satisfied by the kid keep asking what is your favorite part of Earth. It was a boring question where I felt like the answers or questions never went anywhere satisfactory.

I felt like the characters were not well enough developed besides the main character to get you as an audience member invested in the characters besides the main character.

I liked the environments of the hub depicted of Mars in this film.

I have trouble believing NASA could keep a kid secret for as long as they did.

What got me was how frequently they were stealing cars, money, cloths and other things without getting caught or facing any consequences. I just found that unbelievable and unrealistic.

#The_Space_Between_Us #TheSpaceBetweenUs 
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#Tron Legacy (2010)

The best part is the #film_score by #Daft_Punk. However but the story itself is confusing to follow as well as the world to understand as far as the scale and how it all works. The world felt more like a computer program vs. a #video_game. It was a game where the rules were not well defined and the parameters of the world were not well set. I thought that based upon the trailers I thought that this film was going to be about how the video game from the first film evolved and the progress on updating the game from the late 1980's. 

I hate the lack or colors of only variations of orange, blue, white, and black. It felt almost monochromatic in it's environments within the game.

I did not understand why characters in the game talked electronically sometimes that was difficult to understand what they were saying.

I don't think the beginning made much sense. I thought this film was going to connect better to the original Tron as far as it's origins.

The ending was confusing because I never understood how a computer program could exist outside of the game as a person and what happened to the dad that he could not or did not try to escape the game.

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Patriots Day 2017

I thought this film did a good job paying respect to those in Boston. I thought that this film put a positive light on the community of Boston for the most part.

This may not be a film for everyone. The F word is thrown out there a lot in the film, there are drugs and alcohol seen in the film as well as some graphic and violent scenes. It is an educational and enlightening film if you are not completely aware of everything which occurred at the marathon or following the marathon trying to capture the bombers.

I loved the end credits dedication to everyone who's story was being depicted in this film.

It was an enlightening film. It depicted the investigation and process very well.

I wish that the F word was dropped as often in this film.

It was filmed like a documentary; especially when it came to how the marathon was shot. I appreciated the real footage. You could distinguish when real footage was used because it tended to be the worst quality footage.

I did not know about the ITT Tech students hacking car or the shooting.

I did not know about the story of the bombers at all or the major shooting after the Marathon. I was not aware of the lock down of Boston.

This film was enlightening seeing the Investigation process of all the items put together for the investigation of the bombing.
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Hidden Figures (2017)

I liked how this film had a good mix between the space race and race issues. I liked how they easily they transitioned and went from one to the other. I did not feel beaten to death by race issues. It felt like a equal mix of both.

I liked how this film incorporated church and family into the film. It was an unexpected pleasure seeing that into this film.

Some of the notable actors that stood out to me that I recognized going into this film includes Kristen Dunst, Kevin Costner, Jim Parsons.

Hans Zimmer and three other composers did the music for this film.

I think there was a good balance looking at the lives of three African Americans who in reality did not see too much screen time together in one film.

This film is a good film for those interested in NASA, African American race, Women's rights, the Cold War history, history, Mathematics and more. This was unlike any race or Space Race film I have ever seen before. It was about not underestimating someone based upon sex, gender, race what they look like. I liked how quickly and easily the film could go from transitioning from NASA, race, gender, mathematics, family, church, work life, all within minutes or seconds into a scene. It made the film feel so believable and realistic.

This film hit several important message that are applicable or relatable to several groups.

I really enjoyed this film and is one worth buying. A great movie for a January film. I am really surprised how little this film was advertised.

I liked the cinematography choices on some things like using reflections in the walks or reflections of the mirrors in the bathroom to show faces and figures.

I wish that some of the original footage was better enhanced in the film. It was obvious when real footage was used. Also It almost took you out of the film when you went from new footage with better quality to short segments of obvious real footage of the day where the quality was not up to modern standards.

Looking at Jim Parsons role I had trouble seeing his character for anything besides Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

I had trouble figuring out who the actress Kristen Dunst was at first while watching this film. It was not until I saw her on the screen for her second or third time that I recognized who she was. I was not used to her with a southern ascent and blond hair instead of red hair playing Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man.
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Shop Around The Corner (1940) Is based upon the play "Parfumerie"


This is a film that is supposed to be taken in place in Budapest Hungary. The characters use foreign Hungarian currency, and mention locations, names that are more common to Budapest Hungary; and yet the film is relatable in that it feels more like it is taken place in an American City. The film is driven so much by the performances rather than the locations that I never really felt too distracted except when the characters would make references to things that were linked to Budapest.


The film in many ways is shot like a play. The characters mostly stay in the shop during most of the film. There may be a few other locations outside of the shop such as the café, the hospital room, a woman’s room, but besides that not much more.


A film where you really need to be able to follow the dialog and who is speaking to who and what. The other thing is the body language with the micro expressions on the actors faces. I think that this is one of the better acting films.


I saw this a second time and the story made much more sense because I knew what to look for in the other character while the other was saying the dialog.


What I find interesting is how a key figure to this story is in an affair with one of the characters in the film that is never seen but only referred to by other characters or on the phone. Not much is seen from that particular character as a sign of a relationship but just small hints.


I think the costumes stand out in this film. It is obvious to me that each costume choice perfectly fits the character they are portraying.


I think one of the major stand out characters in this film was Pepi Katona. I like Mr. Pepi Katona in his lines and way he speaks. Pepi almost stole the film by his performance even though we see so little of his character in the film. His character changed drastically when he went from errand messenger to a clerk. I even liked how Pepi's voice and tone changed on the phone as he talked to different characters. Even Pepi's clothes and how he presented himself to others changes in this film as we presents himself to others as different characters.


I liked the scene where Pirovitch is looking through the window of the café   to see who is the girl to Alfred. I enjoy the scene because in it we never see the girl. The scene is purely driven by dialog and what the listeners reactions are to the speaker yet we understand or get a mental picture of what the other sees. Because we don't see the girl and we only can infer what is happening and going on based upon the dialog and reactions.


I like Jimmy Stewarts acting in this film. Just by his body language, facial language he is able to convey a lot in this film about what he really is thinking without necessarily saying anything.


I also like the loyalty and character of Pirovitch. What gets me about this film is how it mostly takes place at the shop but never felt bird staying in one location. This film is mostly driven by the performances.

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Frenchman's Creek (1944)


A very idealized fantasy told tale of an unrealistic interpretation of French pirates in the 1600's.


The criminals are looked upon as romantics and good guys rather than crooks or villains.


This is a film that tells the story mostly from the females point of view. It is mostly told on the home front of England with a little bit in the French pirate ship. Maybe 1/3 of the film show pirate perspective. This film mostly focuses on the wealthy Noble class and the romance between a married woman who already has a child seeking adventure and a pirate captain who likes a woman who obviously is not satisfied with her lifestyle.


This film does not have much action and the pirates just steal and fight people. Often you never see too many killed. Often they are captured, tied up, just to be released again. Maybe two people do you see get killed during the whole film.


This is not a very remarkable film. It does not stand out all that much.

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I would Rank the Star Wars films with 1 being the best and the higher numbers being the worst.

1. Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope (1977/Special Edition 1997 version)

2. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1980/Special Edition 1997 version)

3. Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi (1983/Special Edition 1997 version)

4. Rogue One A Star Wars Story (2016)

5. Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) (That is if you exclude the Anikan/Padmé romance in the film. My favorite part is the Jedi mystery story to the film)

6. Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984)

7. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace

8. Star Wars Episode III The Revenge of the Sith

9. #Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (TV Movie 1985)

10. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens (2015)

11. Star Wars The Holiday Special (1978)

I have not seen #Star_Wars The Clone Wars film (2008)

Where do you rank the Star Wars films? 

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Battleship Potemkin (1925)

This film was so impressive. A film that depicts the crude and terrible conditions in the Russian navy. It uses unique editing technics. I uses huge crowds of extras. The scale of this film looks awesome. I have never seen the technic where selective color is used in the coloring of this film. I loved and was shocked when I saw a Russian Red flag appear in this film that as a whole is filmed in black and white. This was very impressive when you hear that this film was being edited up to the end, The cuts were being edited together up to the end so much so that the cuts were being licked together before the opening premier. I enjoyed the film musical score. This is one of the best silent films I have ever seen. I just wish I understood with more context the culture or what was going on with some of the large crowds or why people were being attacked. I found it unique how not everything needed subtitles or was given subtitles so that the audience could interpret what was going on in a scene.

This is impressive when you consider that this was made by a 25 year old where this was his second film of all time and was hired by the Russian government to make a propaganda film.  
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Rogue One was an Amazing Star Wars film. It was much better than the Star Wars prequels. This was so cool. Everyone of the characters was amazing as far as the comedic chemistry compared to that of the original trilogy.

This film explains why never saw these characters in the prequels or the original trilogy.

I loved the CGI and incorporation of look or the original trilogy. I thought that the look of the motion capture Grand Mof Tarkin, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, some rebel pilots from the pilot of the Battle of Yavin IV. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that the voice for Grand Moff Tarkin.

This movie had me invested in the characters more so than I felt like in Force Awakens. This film provided me enough to enjoy the characters more.

I like that film expanded the Star Wars universe by creatures, world.

This film showed world as we have never seen it before. It expanded the world and provided different camera angles as never seen before going inbetween ships.

I did not like the fact that there was no opening crawl to the film. That would have helped the film provide exposition and context to what this film was and when it was being set in.

This was a great prequel to lead up to A New Hope. It has amazing space battles and land battles.

What bothered me was that we never saw an explanation of what lead up to a New Hope.

What upset me was personally even though the music sounded look it belonged in that world there was no new distinguishing themes from Michael Giacchino for Rogue One.

I was really surprised that none of the new characters were able to survive to the end of the film but because of that it helps us appreciate the risk of the Rebellion more what it took to get the plans to the Death Star.

This also is a great film that shows how well Rogue One fits into the exposition provided with the opening crawl to A New Hope.

I was glad we saw and heard from C3P-O and saw R2-D2. I wish we saw more. I thought it was cool we saw the criminals who got sliced up in Mos Esley space port trying to make further trouble by Obi-Wan Kenobi. I was not counting on it. It expanded their role to show they were in more than just one planet or movie.

I was also glad that we heard about the significance of the Senate and we saw in a flashback a little of Couresant.

This film did not rely too heavily on the previous material in order to tell the story but was hinted to ever so slightly.

This felt like a Star Wars film like prequels never did. It did not rely too heavily on CGI to tell the story. It had a good balance of practical effects, special effects, CGI, motion capture technology, and other Technics in order to tell a story.

This is the Star Wars film we deserved instead of Force Awakens or the Prequels. It has practical effects, a story and characters to invest in, It expanded the world rather than condense it. It used CGI only when necessary.

This film visited far more worlds than seen in any other Star Wars film up to this point in one film. This was the first film where we actually saw worlds that were being suppressed by the Empire rather than just entered the area. This film provided context to why the Empire was such bad guys.

This film also helps to make Grand Mof Tarkin more terrifying than we have ever explored before.

What got me about this film was how well ships like the star destoyers looked like models in this film instead of CGI.

This film helped to expand the Jedi and force lore to show that there were others trying to protect the existence of Jedi temples, what was left of the beliefs, the history behind the Jedi after Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

This film showed us things as never seen before, larger rebel Space battles than seen in Return of the Jedi, tropical battles, the Death Star demolitioning entire cities instead of entire planets.

This film brought back the random elements to bring believable world as not seen in Force Awakens.

This film was well directed and incorporated just enough elements of the other films while providing great stories.

This film actually helps provide better context to those talking scenes that always seemed boring in A New Hope.

One thing that bothered me a little was that during speaking scenes there was not enough computer ambient noises to give that real world feel. Especially when it was room in the other films we know that those sounds should have been there but we did not have playing.

What I found interesting about this film was that this film the Rebel Alliance almost functioned like the Republic council where it required all parts of the Rebellion to be united on a choice rather than being more united on it's choices.

I found that aspect interesting. I also never realized that the Rebellion was made up of separate parts united as one which kind of expands the Rebellion into different groups which we may have never been explored before. That may explain why it took 10 years before the Rebellion had a major successful battle against the Empire was because they Were not united on their decisions. This film gives the impression that the Rebellion fought the Empire not unlike The Americans against Great Britain in the American Revolution with mostly defeats to win against the British.

I was really happily surprised to see a light saber fight by Vader like we have never seen before. This film gave us something we have never seen in a Vader fight in a Star Wars film only in Video game form. The same can be said for Yavin IV Rebel base. This film showed a much larger base inside and outside than has been seen on screen of that base. Only in video games have we seen the Yavin IV base look like the representation seen in Rogue One.
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Two Marvel film trailers dropped recently for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 & Spider-Man Homecoming. Which One are you more excited for more Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 or Spider-Man Homecoming based upon the recent trailers that just dropped. It is tough. I think I am more excited for Guardians just because I have only seen one film before unlike the Spider-Man franchise. However I loved how Spider-Man turned out in Captain America Civil War & want to see the dynamic of Tony Stark & Spider-Man again. I love Iron Man & I want to see #Vulture & #Shocker in a film. 
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Recently I have been extremely concerned with conditions on Earth with all the land on sale, so many houses and shopping centers being built but not enough trees, not enough farming, food prices raising. Then we have the rise of pollution, temperatures rising. Why is all this land going on sale just to build things that there are plenty of an many people are not living in because it is too expensive? There is more concern about making money right now rather than preserving the environment. As someone who does not feel as though they don't have the power to do much I feel concerned. The most I feel I can do is share YouTube videos and keep recycling. How can you preserve when land cost lots of money. The land is not being preserved. 
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This 2016 presidential election was very close. So has the last several Presidential elections. What does this show me in how much of a difference large cities make compared to the suburbs.

Well personally I live in the suburbs of Northern Florida. It is very much a pro Republican community filled with retired people, and military personnel because it is surrounded by several Navy military bases north and south of where I live. It is also very active in church communities.

For some reason the media hardly covered in the 2016 election how much of an influence Religious moral ideologies contributed to the election but it is probably because it is not something that is recorded during an election. When you consider Religion then you find out how much of the ideologies of Hillary Clinton went against Biblical standards. Also in the mid west The Native American religious and resources issues were ignored by the Democratic party concerning the #DakotaAccessPipline with the destruction of barrel sites and water resources. Then you have The Clinton's past of corrupt sex life and email issues. Hillary supports gay rights and  Where as Trump is pro military, guns, pro Israel. Trumps economical plan of reducing taxes and bringing back business that went overseas makes much more sense compared to Hillary who has an exiting tax that works in the short term and more taxing for medical. Right now the middle class can not afford the medical care and it is a very inefficient system that makes very little sense as far as what is covered by insurance. Older people have trouble paying and affording medical concerns that are super expensive under the government laws and are not realistic. You have to pick what you can afford rather than getting all what you need. I think under Hillary it would be a continuation of the Obama Administration which is not feasible of higher taxes and less products. Suburbs believe that cities are far too dependent of Big government to solve problems rather than rely on other resources. Democratic Keynesian policies of spending and taxing outrageous rates makes no sense. Republican Laz-a-fair policies of less regulations and less government taxes makes more sense in economics. In the US this election it shows me that cities voted the worldly way concerned about racial equality, feminism, and not issues I feel are all that important. Where as the suburbs often voted the based upon the Biblical way. What does this mean?

I am less concerned by winning the presidential race of 2016 as much as I am concerned by the drastic split in this nations moral and Religious ideology. The cities with major populations can be a major influence compared to suburbs. However when suburbs are united and come in in force and see their existence in danger then they can come in full force. 

I am not saying that Trump will be great as a president but he appears to be honest about his opinions rather than saying things that don't really answer the questions that are being asked. I think that he will strengthen the military even though it may cause more fights. I think that the government system will be made more efficient than it is now because he has the experience of running business. Trump knows what to do right to run a business based upon how he runs business and knows what not to do to run a business based upon his failures. Trump has invested and lost a lot of money in the national debt and I think he could make it so the U.S. Dollar is worth more. Make America more about making products verses focusing so much upon services that could be obsolete as quick as computer programs. 
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Hacksaw Ridge is a great film. I loved how this film looked. I thought that the acting was phenomenal in providing a realism and believably in characters that is not seen too often these days on the screen.

I liked how the film  started to give you an idea of where these events are going to lead up. I also think that flash backs and flash forward moments were used very well in this film in that they were not used often and were only utilized to further the story. 

This film got intense and got emotional even at the non bloody Scenes depicting the loyalty and devotion to Desmond's beliefs and men hummed he served for.

This film did a great job on the interpretation and depictions of a chaotic battlefield seen in the Pacific realm. I don't think that I have ever seen the Pacific battlefield interpreted as intense and graphic seen quiet like this films interpretation.

This film depict a very Graphic interpretation of the Pacific War that looks somewhere in between the World War I in trench warfare and Vietnam in brutality.

This film felt like it had three separate parts with the love and family dynamic, the fight for Desmond Doss not to Cary a gun, the Hacksaw Ridge Battle.

I really appreciated that the end of the film showed footage and interviews in the film from the real people. Harry Gregson-Williams did the score for this film.

I think that his score did a good job of making you feel those emotions. I liked how this film developed the characters in this film from the military personnel, the family, the love relationship.

I loved the intro scene in the military unit with the naked officer, Desmond Doss, the guy who got a knife stuck in his boot. I felt like it was random and believable. I thought that Vince Vaughn's acting 
depiction of Sergeant Howell's was probably the best one I have seen of a military leader in a while on how he would ignore the obvious and go for anybody else but the obvious.

This is a film where I probably will buy and I felt like it is a great film for family relationships and those who are interested in World War II films. I feel like some of the violence and body parts can be very graphic so if you don't like that then you may not want to see this film.

This is a film faith. It is a film about standing up for your beliefs and ideology even though others are opposing you. It is about dedication and loyalty. I love how Christianity and beliefs were interpreted and depicted in this film. I also liked how the family was depicted in this film. It was very honest and real.

This is a film I will probably buy when it comes out and would recommend to others.
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Jack Reacher Never Go Back (2016) Film Review

I saw Jack Reacher Never Go Back. I don't know how to explain it. Do you know how the first film felt like a action adventure mystery film trying to find the clues? Well in Jack Reacher Never Go Back I did not feel like that too much. I mean the mystery was there but it was not as strong of an emphasis like the first film. I am not sure what this film was but I guess I would classify it as a dysfunctional family chase, escape, and at the end coming together film just to separate to go on with their lives again at the end. The chemistry or back stories to get invested in the characters or victims were missing in Never Go Back.

The best parts of this film I thought were at the beginning and were the best parts shown in the trailers which I found disappointing. I was hoping that what I saw in the trailers would get expanded with more depth than what was depicted in the film.

I don’t think that there was any fault in acting or writing for this film. I think that any flaws in this film I would either credit towards Edward Zwick Directors choices on how the film was shot on when to do close ups and long shots, what was emphasized, editing choices to how the film was shot, scenes cut together. I don’t think that there was any fault in acting or writing but I would accredit to either directing choices, what was emphasized, editing choices to how the film was shot, scenes cut together, and edited together. For instance action scenes had too many close-ups instead of wide shots or not enough suspense. There were wide shots just before action starts; so no tension is created. Then when action starts there are lots of cuts of close-ups while action is occurring so it makes it difficult to tell when it is actors vs. stunt people doing the action. This film I also thought was too brightly lit or the colors depicted in this film were not used in a way to help create a particular atmosphere for the film. The way it was shot surprised me in that I felt underwhelmed by the action. Since Edward Zwick; the Director of the Last Samurai did Jack Reacher Never Go Back; my expectation was that I would have thought that the action shots should have stood out as more impressive than they depicted in this film.

This film had some good one liners; however nothing quiet stood out as significant that I have not seen before in some other franchise or film done better.

I believe that there were not enough surprises. There was something missing in the character relationships. For instance I felt like this film needed more back story to Agent Turner’s coworkers as far as the victims in a relationship so we feel more invested in the victims and agent Turner’s relationship with those characters to be able to understand the character who were killed but hardly anything was given on that. I would have liked to have seen Agent Turner at her job before we saw her arrested to get a understanding of what her job was like and relationship between her coworkers was prior to being arrested.

The villains were not developed well enough to care either way for them. The characters of Colonel Morgan, The Hunter, Colonel Moorcroft; all seemed like stereotypical depictions of military or villain characters that have been depicted in other films and shows. There was nothing that stood out as significant as far as something different I have never seen before in other films.

The beginning was good and the end chase scene on the roof of New Orleans was pretty good. The middle body to this film I think needed more work.

This had good lines but the action was not shot very well or long enough to stand out enough. Like the salt shaker scene in the trailer was too brief and needed more tension.

I laughed a few times; however this film was missing the vibe of the first film. I think that this film most of the stories significant parts stood out to the female leads and Jack Reacher himself did not stand out enough to care about his character enough with sympathy. I did not feel the danger in this film like I did in the first film since we saw Jack Reacher get significantly hurt in the first film unlike this film where until the end we often only saw the results of his wounds instead of him actually getting hurt.

I thought that that the Jack Reacher and Agent Turner getting on the bus to escape the military police chase was trying unsuccessfully to wink towards the first film. It did not stand out like the first film did.

In many ways I felt cheated by this film because the advertisements in the trailers showed all the good parts. I expected that I would see more depth to extend the scenes in the trailer or more stand out scenes like that seen in the trailers but those were the only scenes at the beginning and towards the very end but the middle was missing something. I feel as though the trailers advertised all the good parts. Also in the trailers I hoped that more explanation would be given to what was told in the film such as the story about Jack Reacher and the desk but nothing was expanded on that story. I hoped that there were going to be more stories by Jack Reacher talking to Agent Turner  or Samantha giving exposition on what Reacher had done while he was in the military or love relationships but instead others gave more stories than Reacher did in this film.

This film felt like a dysfunctional family film where family is always on the run to escape, hide, or chase the bad guys. It did not feel like a mystery. It was others who would give them information they needed or took from others rather than search himself.

What got me was how they threw away the phones that were in the system just to get new throw away phones yet never went to get new phones constantly threw the film.

This film bugged me in how much pick pocketing and theft of others belongings happened from all the main cast characters. It almost made it seem like they were saying it is alright to do that to get under the radar. But also showing how difficult it is since you will caught as seen by the credit card and phone scenes.

One thing I wish was developed further with a better resolution was the character Sergeant Leach. To me that relationship or dynamic seemed like such a great chemistry between Reacher and Leach. It looked like a back story was there but never explained. I wish that some sort or relationship or chemistry was developed or depicted at the end with Agent Turner.

For some reason I did not like the action scenes in how they were cut or shot because I felt like there were far too many close ups during the action and not enough wide shots. I think that wide shots were intentionally used before action started instead of using close ups before to create tension.

I hope that this is not the end of the Jack Reacher franchise since the first film was so good. I think that this film needed a different director to give a different kind of vibe to get you to care about the characters and film the action scenes.
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Today what I know about comics tends to be from the #Marvel and #DetectiveComics films. However growing up in the 1990's comic books were more readily available. I used to get the Star Trek, Star Wars, and Donald Duck comic books. Comic books were sold in stores like the gas stations, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, shopping malls; things like that. Then when malls stopped having as many shops inside them, especially around the recession and further more during the Obama administration those shops that sold comics went away. Now in days comic books are hardly available. They don't sell them where I live unless you go to a Barns & Nobel's store and but a few comics they sell or but the entire book of comic stories in the Big giant expensive book. Which by the time I get to Barns and Nobels which is over an hour away it is not necessarily worth buying the big comic book because there are so many other book choices to choose from.

I don't understand why the comic industry does not sell there comics in stores like gas stations, Wal-Mart, Target, grocery stores. Those are the places where their toys and movies are being sold. There obviously is a market there for it but it is not utilized anymore. What I say to Marvel and Detective Comics is start selling your paper comics to places like Wal-Mart, Grocery Stores, Target, and put some of them by the check out section and then dedicate a comic book section to the book section where no one is going these days because they can not find any good content. If you sold #comicbooks there at stores like that then you might actually get more kids and adults reading.

Now Especially that the comic book industry is testing comic films in unfamiliar ground to audiences as seen by Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad and the rest. You may even get a larger audience for you films if you sell the comics like that or sell comics with the DVD and advertise on the back where they can find your comic books. People would love to read the comics so they know what they are getting into or can find out what kinds of things happen next for the characters next. Now the only way you can find comics is in the digital format or in specialty stores. I say paper comics should not be this difficult nor extinct to find. 

The other thing that I would highly recommend is for comic book industry is to get comic books some how or another into schools. That way you can sell it. Even if you sell small short comics into schools you would at least get them interested and hooked to read the full comic. Or put a small piece of the comic book inside cereal or other food brands at the grocery store and then tell them where to purchase the full comic inside that comic or on the box. Both the comic book company and food brand would be profiting from this. 

Comic book industries need to start on the inexpensive introduction root to get audiences invested in the characters and stories before audiences will invest in purchasing the big books. 
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