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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
My main artistic focuses are drawing and photography.

I am a Christian, an Eagle Scout, and a big Star Trek fan.

I prefer colder temperatures environments over the warmer environments. I prefer warm showers over cold showers.

My favorite drink is A&W Rootbeer.
My favorite food is French fries.

I collect things such as pin, pens, coins, postage stamps, and Boy Scout Council patches.

I am into movies and T.V.. I listen to soundtracks. My favorite composers consist of Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, James Horner, John Powell, Trevor Rabin, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, & Elmer Bernstein.

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Jack Reacher 2012 Film Review. Be warned there are spoilers. 

The film had a great story line and The writing. I think this film has smart thinking and also great catchphrases. I thought that this film had good cineophotography. Screenplay writer and director Christopher McCQuarrie did an excellent job on this film overall. 

I liked the intro to this film with the gun moving around. I think it worked that there was no musical score playing just before or while the shots were happening. it drove the suspense. It got you as an audience member to jump out of you're set freaked out. 

I liked the fact that we saw an investigation to the victims to the gun shooting. It could have been easily been ignored in a film like this; and the audience not be invest in all the people being killed. By doing an investigation and digging into what happened to the victims and also doing it later in the film makes it such a bigger deal to the audience to invest more in what happened at the beginning of the film. It showed that these were real people being shot rather than random people. 

I loved the line Jack Reacher said; "You see your friends you see me. Do you want to see me again?" I liked the lines like; "I'm not stealing you're car am I?"

I liked the fact that the author to the Jack Reacher books; Lee Child was in this film as the police officer at the desk with all of Jack Reachers belongings as Jack Reacher tells the attorney what three things cops will not do. "There're three things cops never dothey don't vote Democratthey don't drive Cadillacs, and they never use personal vehicles."

One scene I liked was when Tom Cruises character was talking to the lawyer and in the reflection you could see Tom Cruises face. I liked the car chase, it reminded me of car chases as seen in Bullet or in the Rockford Files. This is a film worth seeing. For those worried about language this film only uses the "F" word once during the entire film. One character I enjoyed was the owner of the gun range. I also liked the fact that this film took some time to get to know the victims to make the film more personal when it came to the victims.

I think one reason why this film may have been as good as it is is the fact that there are qualities presented in the film Jack Reacher which reflect Tom Cruises personality such as Jack Reacher's character and Tom Cruise share the same in interest in researching before acting. Tom Cruises interest in car driving and shooting are done very well in this film. Tom Cruise makes sure that the film has good writing before doing a film. The character development in this film was very well done but enough was not answered to keep you interested so you would be able to find out more as the film continued.

One thing I wish this film went more into was a bit more on the background of one of the bad guys Two, make the main Russian mob leader seem more threatening than presented in the film because other wise he just appeared to have a threatening and nasty background but he had nothing besides the fact he hired a bunch of henchmen to really make me feel scared of this guy. He just told scary stories about his life and sat in a chair but never had a knife or a gun or showed any of his physical capabilities to make me feel afraid of this guy which the film failed to present I think.

One thing I liked about this film and it worked very well is the way in which silence before or during action scenes .was used Particularly one scene where I liked it the most was in the opening shooting scenes and your anticipating the gun shoots and it is very load once shoots are going off and it makes you jump out of your set.

The car chase in this film was great. One of the best car chases filled with suspense. One thing I like most is the comedy of the car not working properly a few times creating suspense and realism. I enjoyed the look of this car chase making you go Wooh! I also enjoy how the car chase ends with Jack Reacher just walking out of the car as the car continues to coast by. I like how the bus crowd moves to conceal Jack Reacher. Best part about this is that the car chase you can tell what is going on based on body language rather than people talking. The other thing I enjoyed about this car chase is how this is driven based upon the sound-effects rather than a musical score telling the audience how to feel. 

I loved the phone call at the bar between Jack Reacher and Charlie where Jack Reacher constantly hangs up on Charlie to show him he has the power and is not going to let Charlie control the hostage situation and makes clear that he is not a hero not that kind of character. 

#JackReacher #TomCruise #Tom_Cruise 
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